Special Olympics of VA Communications Plan

Upon Arrival:

·         All Operators must first check in, in-person (If your working the UofR location). We want to make sure you get your badge (and/or hat) and instructions for your post. Please arrive early enough (typically an hour) to check in and to then get to your post. 


·         Please check in on 442.55 once you have arrived at your post.


2015 Spec Ops Frequencies:


·         Inside Robins Center:                      147.53 simplex with a tone of 74.4 Crossband into 442.550

·         Everywehre else:                               442.55 with a tone of 74.4

·         Logistics, medical and security:       Use Net Control  to contact

Ops Communication Guidelines


When communicating with Net Control, you will be using your post/station/location and and your call-sing both. The communication should be as such: (Please speak slowly and clearly into the mic for best transfer of audio)


·         Stationary at an event:

o   Your Location:  “ _______________________________________ “ (Communication Traffic) “Call-Sign”


·         Shadowing an individual:

o   Shadow Name: “ _________________________________ “(Communication Traffic) “Call-Sign”

·         Priority Traffic for an Emergency: “BREAK – BREAK” (followed by: See above) Other wise, Never call BREAK on the radio.

·         NEVER Call 911

·         Do not Call Amateurs Direct either on the radio or the Cell Phone. All Traffic must go through Net Control



·         Please check in with Net Control before leaving your post or station. DO NOT leave your post/station until ALL athletes have left.

·         If you are at a sporting event, we will ask for status check in every hour. If possible please talk to the event staff before this and have the information ready. We need to know the timing of the event, if you are behind an estimate of how much as well as a finish time if known. Also if you have any needs.

·         We will also do a general check in if you are not at a sporting event for needs if any every hour.

·         We will need folks at the Cafeteria to help at dinnertime. please keep this in mind! (Plus you get a free Dinner!)

·         Directly after dinner is Opening Ceremonies and then the Dance. If you would like to stay, you can pair up with Security personnel. Net Control will not be available

·         As in the past; at NO time do we call 911 for any emergency! You must radio in to Net Control and we will assist you through the event.

·         Please carry with you the Volunteer Communications Post log, it has call signs of the individuals at various events as well as cell phone numbers (Please keep all traffic through Net Control, Cell Phone Numbers should be used only as a last ditch effort and we need Net Control to be the one making the calls, if/as needed in order to maintain control of the event(s)

·         Before leaving your post, Always call into Net Control. We may need you at another location.

·         This is a No Smoking Event. Please refrain from smoking around other volunteers, staff or the athletes. If there is reports of anyone caught smoking, you may be asked to leave. Sorry.



Again, Thank you for your participation, we look forward to another great year supporting these wonderful athletes! Now, go and have fun!