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The Virginia Special Olympics

Summer Games!

Ham Support for Special Olympics of VA Signup Form

We need to collect some information about you so that you can help. We want to know you cell phone and email address so that we can contact you about information coming up with the event. We also may use your cell phone if there is an emergency we need to contact you the day of the event.

Please also let us know what radio you plan on using. This will help us with our planning of positions. Also let us know wheter you can do shadow work or need a sitting postion inside or outside. If you cannot work the hours in the list just pick custom and add it to the comments sections.

Also please check the confimation box that you understand that Special Olympics Summer Games is a smoke and vapor free event and that you agree not to smoke or vapor during this event, while on event groups or inside event facilities and that you also understand your responsibility to follow this policy. if you are found smoking or vaporing you may be asked to leave the event.

The password will allow you to edit your information and make the acount yours. This has not been activated yet, but will in the future.

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